Enter/Update Menu

1- Run the software and click on "Control Panel" button.
2- Click on small gray arrow, select "SHOP OWNER" and enter "1234" as password then click on "Login".
3- At the top of control panel page click on "Advanced".
4- If you downloaded our software before April 2024, you're using an older version. Please click on the 'Update Software' button to get the latest version. After updating, you'll need to redo all the previous steps. At this point, click on the "Enter/Update Menu" button.
5- Here, you can add your categories. Let's use 'Pizza' as an example. Simply type 'Pizza' in the 'New Category' box and then click on the 'Add New Category' button.
6- Now, click on the 'Pizza' button to select the pizza category, and then click on the 'Next' button.
7- At this step, you need to enter all food sizes related to pizzas. For instance, if you offer 10 and 12-inch pizzas, first enter '10' in the 'New Size' box, then click on the 'Add New Size' button. Repeat the same process for 12-inch pizzas.
8- After entering all pizza sizes, proceed by clicking the 'Next' button.
9- Now, enter all the food items. Type the food's name in the 'New Food' box and click on the 'Add' button. For example, I'm going to add two pizzas: 'Margherita' and 'Hawaiian'.
10- After you enter all pizzas, click on 'Next' button.
11- Now, enter all the food options related to pizzas. I'll include 'Deep Pan', 'Thin Crust', 'Stuffed Crust', 'Extra Cheese', and 'Pepperoni' as additional toppings. Please enter all options, whether they are chargeable or free of charge.
12- After you've entered all options, click on the 'Next' button.
13- The system will create a price table for you to enter prices. Columns represent the sizes, and rows represent all the foods you previously created. Simply enter food prices corresponding to each size. Once you're finished, click on 'Next'.
14- In this step, you'll see the price table for pizza options. Enter option prices corresponding to each size. If an option is free of charge, simply leave it blank or enter zero. Once you're finished, click on 'Next'.
15- Now click on the 'Save Category Update' button to save all the data you've entered for the pizza category.
16- To apply the changes, you need to publish the created menu. However, before doing so, please make a backup of your current menu on a flash drive.